I’m such a “nerd”…

Classes start today and I'm pretty excited. On the first day of every semester, I make a point of getting up early enough to write a short essay to read to my students in class--something to give them a taste... Continue Reading →


My “What I did over summer vacation” Update

At the beginning of summer, I dropped off social media (and by that I mean Facebook, Twitter, and entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu). I recently hopped back on Facebook for work-related reasons and after a two month hiatus, I... Continue Reading →

Just say the thing…

Remember that annoying, overly-beautifying, nostalgic tone of voice I mentioned in my first post? One of the most annoying tendencies of that voice is its indirection. In that voice, I couldn't just say the thing I was trying to say--especially when I'd... Continue Reading →

Language differences

I'm in Berlin. This is day three (if you count the day I got here, which was a twilight zone of jet lag). I already know that the time will pass too quickly, but I'm trying to go at a... Continue Reading →

Flowers and Twix

I am teaching three groups of high schoolers this month. Most of the students come from underprivileged homes or communities and most of them have shared some of the truly horrifying events that have characterized their childhoods. They come from... Continue Reading →

Carpe F***ing Angor

My life is one long series of ludicrously stupid attempts to trust the wrong people. I don't know they are the wrong people at the time, but something in me does know. Something in me has a magnetic draw to... Continue Reading →

Expecto Patronum!

"Anger is raw power, there for your benefit." ~My Therapist I have anger issues. But you wouldn't know it by looking at me, briefly interacting with me, or even getting to know me reasonably well. I smile a lot. I... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter (or something like it) to the Males I’ve Been So Unfortunate as to Encounter

To the annoying/aggressive male who followed me into the grocery store this morning and wouldn't stop bothering me until I got in line at the register; the three who stopped me on the street at dusk a few weeks ago... Continue Reading →

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